homophobic people be like: i’m not homophobic!1! i just don’t like the way gay people kiss, hug, breathe, move, talk, or exist!!!! but i’m not homophobic!!!1!



i’ve never seen something so accurate


i tried drawin kankri’s hair in the canon styleit’s so tiny i’m sorry


I think people need to realize that it’s okay to like stuff and not have a deep reason for it

You can like a character because they’re cute, not because you identify with them
You can like a ship because you think they look good together, not because of a deep emotional bond

You can like a song because it’s catchy, not because of the meaningful lyrics

If you like it that’s okay, you don’t have to have deep reason or meaning behind it


this was originally just supposed to just be a doodle but here we are
humanstuck feferi is so fun to draw im def gonna draw more of her in the future